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First Pack Delivered September 2023: SLOTHS! 🦥

4 Cards - Monthly Subscription

4 Cards - Monthly Subscription

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Powered by Ongoing Subscriptions

  • Problem: Last-minute stops to pick out a birthday card can be frustrating!
  • Solution: You'll receive a birthday card every month!
  • Problem: You have cards on hand, but forgot to pick up stamps.
  • Solution: Forever Stamps are included!
  • Problem: The sticky stuff on envelopes tastes awful!
  • Solution: Self-stick envelopes are included, too! And ... every once in a while, you'll get an extra envelope, just in case!
  • Problem: Mental health isn't great these days.
  • Solution: Getting personal mail makes people smile! You'll get at least two encouragement cards each month to send to someone who needs it!
  • Problem: You want your kids to know how to write notes and address an envelope, but it just isn't sticking.
  • Solution: We include an envelope addressing guide with your first monthly package. It explains what each part of a mailing address is for and where to put it, including the commas!
  • Problem: You receive thank-you notes that say things like, "Thank you for coming and for the gift," which leaves you feeling unimportant.
  • Solution: A thank-you note checklist, is also included so anyone who gets this subscription will know how to write heartfelt, genuine thank-you notes! Subscriptions will include a thank-you card every month!

We also love surprises, so watch for those in each package, too!

What exactly will you get each month?

  • 4 cards (1 birthday, 2 encouragement, 1 thank-you)
  • 4-5 self-stick envelopes
  • 4 Forever Stamps (US postage)
  • At least one surprise that coordinates with the cards
  • Envelope guide (first package only)
  • Thank-you note checklist (first package only)

What are you waiting for?! Order one for yourself, and gift one to a friend!

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