Sending heartfelt, handwritten notes...

So much more touching than a text! open your mailbox expecting to see bills and junk mail. But there it envelope with your name and address handwritten on the front. You smile, knowing someone took the time to do this...for you.

Yes, Please!

Who do you know that could use a little encouragement?

Pass that feeling on!

Everything you need to write and send some warm fuzzies will be included in your monthly package, even postage stamps!

Okay, I want these!

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Teach Empathy and Compassion

Most teens don't know how to properly address an envelope, let alone know what to write in a note or card. You can get our helpful tips that teach that young person in your life how to do these things well. Not only will they be helping others feel good, they'll be happier, too. Encouraging others makes us feel good!

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